welcome to cicislovin'


Hi there! I'm Cecilia or some call me Cici. Founder of Cicislovin and Co-Founder of McNastyDog Social Club

What started off as an outlet to showcase the love that I had for my four-legged companions, became more of a little online home, where I share some of my most beloved items, exciting life events, lash artistry & tons more. 

Born on the island of Malaysia  and raised in the great city of Toronto, I was always a dreamer, adventure seeker, & creative butterfly . After many years running a canine daycare & training program, I finally decided to find a home for all my creative "juices" and call it CicisLovin.

My shop is loaded will all things that I hold dear to my heart. After a long journey of testing and perfecting my collection, I'm excited to finally have the opportunity to share it with my fellow lash artists. 


-Cecilia Nhu Nguyen xoxo